We Do It For The Love Of Music review

Kimm, from WDIFTLOM

"...Anyone who appreciates art will be enamored by how skillfully the quartet borrows musical styles and bend them to deliver their powerful spiritual/introspective musings..."

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Music News review

Daniel Davidson-Amadi, from Music News

Rating 4/5

"…'Nebulae’ is alternative progressive rock in all its glory as it marries a complication of musical influences and compositional structures to create an album that is articulately original…"

"…There’s sincerity, intelligence and emotionRead more

Metal Assault review

Rating 9.5/10

"…In my opinion, ‘Nebulae’ is very much a musical journey that would be best experienced in solitude and as a single 48-minute piece rather than a set of 11 tracks. Ana Batista’s vocal delivery and  Narciso Monteiro’s guitarsRead more

"Watcher of the Light" feature in Gadsen Records

"...As is a prog-rock trademark, there are fluctuations between ballad-form minimalism and hard-rocking interludes, all while Baptista’s vocals adjust accordingly. The final minute-plus is capped off by mounting keys and sonorous guitar effects that will sound familiar to fans of Sigur…Read more

Feature in Rock World Magazine

"...Heylel’s Nebulae is full of ritualistic beauty, transporting the listener to another plane where fairies, Wiccan goddesses and mysterious creatures rule the wind-swept world. Or at least it sounds like it..."

Rock World Magazine

Soletron review

Nebulae review by Wil Cifer from Soletron.

"...The most prog moment on the album would be the cover of King Crimson’s “I Talk To the Wind”. This version is more lunge crooned and floats over the back drop of shimmeringRead more

Feature in ProgressiveWorld

"...stunning vocals and, at least on on the KC cover, delicate instrumentation. Other tracks ("The Prophet" and "Wings Of Eternity") have a prog rock edge verging on prog metal. Good stuff" - nightowl, on ProgressiveWorld.net, 2014


Via Nocturna Review

Nebulae review from Pedro Carvalho, Via Nocturna (in portuguese)

Rating 4.9/6

"...Pela escolha dos temas apresentados como versões poderemos ser levados a supor que se trata de art/prog rock o que aqui se apresenta. Também é, mas NebulaeRead more