New Noise Magazine review

Rating 4/5

"...The album ranges from the deeply layered “The Prophet” to the bare and acoustic “The Sage,” and “I Talk To The Wind” is easily one of the most beautiful songs here..."

"...This is a great taste of what the band has to offer and will be one to watch out for in the future..."

Rick Ecker, New Noise Magazine

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Guardian Liberty Voice review

"...The soothing female vocals throughout the album bring about a haunting calm; a feeling similarly presented by The Gathering..."

"...The creativity Heylel serves leaves the listener craving more...."

Garrett Jutte, Guardian Liberty Voice

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Lithium Magazine review

"...The symbiotic nature of the keyboard and guitar composition results in emotionally moving moments of brilliance..."

"..Dark, haunting, and brooding overall, the album surprisingly blooms into a beautiful piece of art..."

Trystan MacDonald, Lithium Magazine

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Examiner  didn't go easy on Nebulae's softer and more mature view over life, but still there are noticeable positive notes on their review.

"...It has a dark, rich sound fueled by guitar lines and complemented by the classically trained voice of lead singer Ana Batista.."

"...She has an angelic voice that provides a nice contrast that fans of mainstream rock would find reminiscent of Amy Lee from Evanescence..."

Michelle Ellen.

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Art & Culture Maven review

"...There are wind sounds, church bells and cymbal-rich power drumming to the sound of mystical and philosophical lyrics - in short, just what you'd want from a progressive rock band who are themselves fans of King Crimson and the like.."

"...There are flashes of a hypnotic groove reminiscent of Middle Eastern sounds and a darker kind of vibe that ventures into goth territory..."

Anya Wassenberg, Art & Culture Maven

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GamEvolution review

"...Heylel’s new album, Nebulae, is pretty nifty if I do say so myself. It plays with sludge metal, experiments with stoner rock and overlays the whole thing with some cool, vaguely latin guitar riffs..."

WillKosh, GamEvolution

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Quarter Life Conversations review

"...This sparks a very unique blend that’s both dark and macabre yet classically bewitching..."

"...From the eerie stillness of “Embrace the Darkness” to the soft and soothing ballot “I Talk To The Wind”, this album is an emotional rollercoaster of unexpected surprises..."

Lori Gottlieb, Quarter Life Conversations

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Progpraat review

"..De stem van Ana geeft een extra dimensie aan de muziek, en op een nummer als 'The Sage' heb ik het kippenvel op mijn armen staan maar ik heb het niet koud..."

Rinco Ennemma, Progpraat

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Rebel Music review

Rating 7/10
"...Heylel is a Portuguese band with its own take on prog rock but with added ingredients. Vocals from Ana Batista give the quartet a folk sensibility and an extra dimension..."

"...A cross between King Crimson’s wistfulness and The Gathering dancing round a bonfire, they just require a bit more oomph, to trust themselves and let go..."

Anne Iredale, Rebel Music magazine

Full review review

Rating 5.5/10

"...The album’s first track, a spacey instrumental piece called “Hope,” is built mostly from the duet of a scorching electric guitar line and a tinkling piano. The tune is dark and foreboding the best way, splitting the difference between 1980s and early 1990s film scores and the ponderous guitar solo that John Mayer contributed at the end of Frank Ocean’s ambitious “Pyramids”..."

Craig Manning,

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The Big Takeover review

"...The album is massive and breathtaking in its scope, reaching unthinkably far and wide for an album with only eleven songs with relatively short times for a prog rock standards..."

"...Nebulae is an experience worth immersing yourself in, over and over again..."

Cody Conard, The Big Takeover

Full review review

Rating 7/10

"From Floyd to Sabbath this band know their stuff, they make well rounded and well sculpted tracks that entertain. This is a perfect starting point from which the band can grow."


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Screamer Magazine review

"…Nebulae is dark, haunting and atmospheric…"

"…Her softer vocals somewhat balance out the darkness, lending a hopeful angelic tone so it’s not all doom and gloom…"

Sommer Sharon, Screamer Magazine

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ProgPlanet review

Rating 3/5

"...They create some quite interesting and at times beautiful music with that excellent female lead vocal in front of their well delivered musicianship!.."

"...It is an album that grows on you and I have no problem with recommending it to friends of mentioned styles and genres..."

Tonny Larsen, ProgPlanet

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Abort Magazine review

"...Nebulae’ isn’t just a backdrop for Batista’s angelical voice, though, it’s a vessel for exceptional musicianship from acclaimed guitarist Narciso Monteiro, bassist Sérgio de Meneses, and talented drummer Filipe Braga, the latter of which shines exceptionally bright in “Watcher of the Light” and “Embrace the Darkness”, the albums climactic closing note..."

Scott Alexander, Abort Magazine

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We Do It For The Love Of Music review

Kimm, from WDIFTLOM

"...Anyone who appreciates art will be enamored by how skillfully the quartet borrows musical styles and bend them to deliver their powerful spiritual/introspective musings..."

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