Background Magazine review

"...Heylel made a very strong debut album of an international level..."

"...Just try it like I did myself to discover the real beauty of this great album!.."

Henri Strik, Background Magazine

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Ryze-Up Magazine feature

Heylel got featured in the November 2014 edition of Ryze-Up Magazine.
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Misfit City review

"...their take on I Talk To The Wind is solemn and sealed. The ceremonial pace, the full-scale orchestral tremble, the fathoms of shoegaze-guitar shudder and the solemn, Gilmourian guitar solo render it inter-generationally grand..."

Misfit City

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Ragazzi Music review

"...Die Schaffung von teils sehr konträren Atmosphären scheint ein zentrales Anliegen der Musiker zu sein, das die Aufmerksamkeit des Hörers auf einem durchgängig hohem Level hält...

Frank Bender, Ragazzi Music

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DPRP Review

Rating 7.5 ouf of 10.

"...The balance that Heylel put in their music, is not about having the musicians portraying their undoubtedly great skills (if you take a good listen to the album, you'll get convinced of that anyway) but rather to take us on a journey through life by putting forth emotions experienced throughout the cycle of life. That, to these ears, is what surely happens in this album..."

"...Mind you, this is but a debut album. If Heylel develops along the lines of this album, their future might beRead more

Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal E-ZINE review

"...“Nebulae” is an exceptional debut album that showcases Heylel’s ability to combine melancholic soundscapes with the melodic voice of a gifted female singer, being therefore highly recommendable for fans of “Anathema”, “The Gathering”, “King Crimson”, “Pink Floyd”, “ELP” (“Greg Lake’s” ballads), “Autumn Tears”, “Anneke Van Giersbergen & Daniel Cavanagh”, “Aesma Daeva”, “Evanescence”, “Artesia”, “Frequency Drift”, “Nox Arcana”, “Rain Fell Within”, “Amartia”, “Arkona”, and so on..."

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Sea of Tranquility review

"...Heylel have produced a solid progressive/gothic rock album with Nebulae. Hopefully their passion will continue to grow with their next release. Recommended..."

Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility

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Menno von Brucken Fock review

"...De levenscyclus van een ster ligt ten grondslag aan dit album dat mooie popmuziek combineert met donkere elementen en veel atmosfeer. Daarbij zijn de vervormde gitaren slechts een beperkt onderdeel van de in wezen zeer toegankelijke nummers..."

Menno von Brucken Fock

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Skope Mag review

"...By employing a sense of storytelling on the album Heylel is able to create a compelling collection..."

"...“Nebulae” is a diverse collection full of heart..."

Beach Sloth, Skope Mag

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Under the Gun Review

Rating 6/10

"...after experiencing all 48 minutes of the band’s 11-track debut, I can safely say that progressive, Gothic rock is alive and well on the Iberian Peninsula..."

"...The band includes beautiful, mellow and melodic piano parts in tracks like “Watcher Of The Light,” or they’ll take it further and tone it down entirely with unexpected acoustic guitar and dramatic synth additions such as in “Deeper..."

Brian Lion, Under the Gun Review

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Music Street Journal review

"...The blend of symphonic, prog and metal that is presented here is powerful. It has moments of really magical proportions..."

"...The piece (Alter Ego) is powerful, dramatic and unusual. It’s such a masterpiece..."

Gary W. Hill, Music Street Journal

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Blogcritics review

"...From the opening notes, it feels like we are travelling through such a cloud, in search of something profound that will no doubt require some elements of tension and sacrifice..."

"...The music is mostly dark, atmospheric, and intriguing – a rollercoaster of sound that takes the listener in unexpected places. An exploration of birth, life, and death, the album can leave a listener reflective and even moody..."

Sahar, Blogcritics

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The Progressive Aspect review

"...Heylel have managed to put their own spin on the prog metal genre, with some very original and effective little touches, accomplished musicianship and terrific vocals..."

Brian McAllister, The Progressive Aspect

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The Dirty Legs Zine review

"...True to the gothic nature, this band layers through Orchestra invested movements that incorporate whispers buried beneath the initial track..."

"...Heylel has a piece of genre induced music that feels new and old but intertwined just enough to feel original..."

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