WORLDWIDE RELEASE of Shades of Time!

Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp +more... get your copy today! 

Digital and Physical Cd formats also available direct from Heylel at: 

Progressive Rock fans are in for a treat with this new album from Heylel. Such diversity on the tracks: 2-instrumental tracks; 5-tracks featuring vocals of Heylel's lovely Ana Batista; 1-track with guest Francisca Ribeiro; 3-tracks with male vocalists who are no strangers to Progressive Rock. Extra special thank you to music friends who said 'yes' to our request for male guest vocalists: Kristoffer Gildenlöw, Erik Laan-(Silhouette) Ky Fifer - Music-(Philhelmon). Please check out their music pages too, if you are not already a fan, trust me, you will be.  If you are in Porto, get out to CAVE 45 for Shades of Time Release Party (Heylel + Windbreak) 

Special thank you to our hard working team at Indieplant and Indieplant Bookings for production, distribution and (advanced thanks) for bookings. Tour dates announced


  • Brian Rogers

    Brian Rogers Michigan, USA

    I like your music!

    I like your music!



    Thank you Brian!

    Thank you Brian!

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